Dr. Dan Ratner

Dr. Ratner runs a full-time private practice in New York City, dating back to 2007. He completed his undergraduate work at Brown University, graduating Cum Laude. He spent two years in Teach For America, as a primary elementary school teacher in Compton, CA. He went on to receive his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from Widener University, and was a staff member and training director of Fordham University’s Counseling Center. While he began his private practice he developed a long-standing interest in psychosomatic issues and has become a leading expert in the field. Dr. Ratner continued to research the topic in depth, expanding on his expertise, and is in the process of writing a book on psychosomatic pain and other symptoms. Dr. Ratner continues as Co-Host of The Raw Word With Michael Eric Dyson and has since made a variety of investments in the entertainment industry aimed at spreading the word about the devastating impact psychosomatic issues can have and on the relief these methods can bring. He has now extended these interests and endeavors to creating quality intellectual properties that educate, spreads positive messages, and builds bridges and harmonious spirit between people.

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